About Us

Breaking the cycle is the first step to true change. We understand that comfort kills and nothing is more comfortable than being trapped following the path of others. See, the issue was people worldwide continuously were following the big box brands claiming they had it all, they sold it all, they are the “powerhouse” of the online retail industry.

Well enough is enough - we can’t be seduced into a world where they have control of what we buy - just as we have choices to choose between products - we have choices to choose between the best outcomes for ourselves. This is what sparked The Valley Shop.

The end of an era of control by the big box brands and the awakening of a world of choices. By empowering you, the consumer with modern beauties for your everyday life from kitchen supplies to camping gear, and all the way to your morning toothbrush - we have brought you, the solution - the one stop site for everything you can possibly need. The best part? The high-quality, low priced inventory for you to choose as you please. Welcome to the world of tomorrow.

We are based out of The Valley Shop with factories in several different locations in the Republic of China which are providing the highest quality of products for our loving and precious customers. We have more than just a collection - it’s a boutique of clothing, camping gear, kitchenware, sporting goods, electronics, home design, and a whole lot more.