How to Have a Cozy Dorm Room Through Decoration

When it comes to decorating college dorm room ideas, the key points everyone wants to hit are the following. They want it to be nice enough so that they can have someone special over, they want the place to be a nice cozy space where they can bring over friends,  and they want it to be functional as a living and study space. After all, that is how most college students prioritize their lives is it not?

Get a Nice Fuzzy Throw

First and foremost, in order to have a nice and cozy dorm room, you need to have decorating college dorm room ideas, and those ideas need to be the kind that fit into a relaxing space. It is for that reason why your first investment towards making your dorm room cozier should be a really nice and soft throw blanket. It is the perfect thing to have as you’re sitting on the couch or even in bed because nothing can compare to the feeling of a soft and fuzzy blanket.

The Power of Lighting

The decorating college dorm room ideas to make your form cozier you should try next are some lighting changes. The thing about how lighting affects a room is how versatile it can be. You could set up so many different kinds of neon strips or leads that change color. You could also go for something simpler like a lamp which has a nice color or shape. It doesn’t have to be crazy or overboard. Even the smallest little lighting additions can make the biggest impact.

Move Yourself With Art

The next thing you oughta have to make your dorm room cozier is a piece of art. The reason for that is because art can totally transform the mood and atmosphere of a room. Art is also the best way to add beauty to a room because all it involves is literally placing it where you want it. Compared to other improvements, even lighting which was mentioned earlier, installing art is super simple.

The question becomes though, what kind of art you should get? Alongside that, how are you going to find an affordable piece of art? Isn’t art in general super expensive? The answer to all those questions would be hard to give if it wasn’t for The Valley Shop.

See, when it comes to The Valley Shop, the world of art finally opens up for normal folk like you and I. For those of us who aren’t amongst the tippity top elite who raise their pinkies while sipping their tea, just because we cannot afford Picasso's or Van Gogh's doesn’t mean that we should have nothing at all. The power of art is the same as the power of beauty, and it lies in the eye of the beholder.

Final Words

With all that in mind, picture yourself getting one of these affordable prints from The Valley Shop. Picture it in your room, near a window so that the daylight hits it just right, and just imagine how calming it would be to sit in the same room as that.