How to choose an accent wall in the living room

How to choose an accent wall in the living room

Looking for a way to refresh your room look? Do you need to furnish it with all new luxurious furniture? Well, not really! A bright accent wall is a fabulous way to give your room a fresh look. Accent walls easy and stylish shades are popular because of their flexibility. All you need to establish one focal point in your room, so the wall you choose for this purpose is really important. The location of your accent wall is completely personal.

Well, just for the Idea about How to choose an accent wall in the living room,  If you have a fireplace, built-in shelves, or some other spotlight feature, use that point as an accent wall to pin eyes straight to it.

However, keep in mind the purpose of the room, the attitude you want to formulate, and the current color scheme of that room before selecting new wall shades. Your home is unique, so your accent wall should be quite novel.

So, here are some effective tips that will help you clarify how to choose an accent wall in the living room.

Look For an Attractive Focal Point

Does there any point in your living room where your eye naturally travels? Maybe that classic Fireplace? The main living room wall? Or the peak of the huge arched ceiling? The TV wall? Accenting the wall that naturally grabs your attention, but makes sure that it will complement the walls. If you don’t have one natural focal point then look for something symmetric.

Accent Walls Symmetric Theme

If you're thinking something isn't quite right with your Focal Point, the odds can be its symmetry that’s throwing you off. If you are having an odd window on the wall right opposite to your living room focal point that never echo the other side.  An irregular geometric shape can all add up to sub-par results once a paint job is done.

Accent Wall Colors For Your Living Room

Your living room often sets a tone of your home, so try to make it stand out with an attractive accent wall. Here are some ideas you can test on your living room walls without getting afraid.

  • Add a dark accent shade – If your living room is already loaded with a lot of light-colored furniture and plenty of sunlight, think of a dark brown, blue, or gray to mix it up. You’ll definitely end up loving the contrast.
  • Pick a color that reflects your location – Does one of your window opens up to the beach? Or you can touch the clouds from your rooftop? No matter where you live, the smart way is to bring in hue from the outdoors.
  • Accent the key feature in the room – If your living room contains a built-in bookshelf, a cool fireplace or something unique - think of adding some bright color like blues, or greens behind the fireplace,  built-in bookshelf, and pair it with the same color lighting accessories.